Do you believe in dragons?

Perhaps the question should be, who doesn’t? Dragons have been with us since ancient times, as part of our collective mythology. From ancient Mesopotamia and Africa, to Europe and Asia, to the Americas and Oceania, Dragons have captivated, inspired, and frightened us humans for millennia. But what you may not know is that there are many different types of Dragons, and the important roles they play. In a warming world, where wildfires, droughts, and floods are becoming more frequent and more fierce, we need the Dragons more than ever.

The original spark for “Dragons of Fire Dragons of Rain” was lit back in October 2017, when Aria Luna was invited to participate in her very first group exhibit. She created a modular mural called Dragon Storm. The exhibit raised funds for Latino communities impacted by the Santa Rosa fire that fall.

But we’ve always wanted to do more. So this summer, seeing yet another crazy wildfire season, Aria Luna created Magnus the Dragon of Fire and Murray the Dragon of Rain to help protect the fire crews, tampen the fiercest fires, and bring in nourishing rain.

But we knew we needed to do much more—two dragons are not a match for the thousands of fires that were breaking out around the world. So we put out a Call For Artists to help us create many more Dragons of Fire and Dragons of Rain. You can see them all here.

Dragons have been around far longer than humans. They carry a deep, ancient wisdom about the cycles of fire and rain… the same wisdom that the indigenous people have carried with them for centuries. This is the wisdom that we “modern” folks have forgotten, and are now paying the price of ignorance.

It’s time for the Dragons to return.