Aria Luna has been drawing since she was two. The first drawing she ever did was of two octopi. Since then, she has amassed a body of work her parents can’t keep up with. She’s already gone through several artistic “periods” and is currently parked happily in her Dragon phase.

She also loves singing (check out her Open Mic performance at Cazadero summer camp) and writing stories and comic books.

Aria Luna comes from a long bloodline of creativity: her mother is a writer, her grandmother is an artist, and her great-grandmother was also an artist. Her great-great-grandmother was a singer. Her grandfather is an architect. On her father’s side, she’s got more art flowing in, but also a love of math and engineering. That could be where her passion for Lego and negative numbers comes from.

When she’s not drawing, Aria loves to play the piano, rollerblade, ice skate, play Minecraft (among various other games), and, to her parents’ unending consternation, sneak sweets from the pantry. She’s also saved untold bees from swimming pools, and raised a bird from egg to flight.