Fusion Tide


Many years ago, a toxic and dangerous creature named Bogo Mogo was spawned in the central North Pacific Ocean, in a place humans call the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Every day, he grows larger as he feeds on plastic discarded by people. His face resembles a spider, he has bat-like fins, a long whip-like tail, and tentacles with sharp inkjet printer-part claws that inject liquefied plastic sludge into unsuspecting marine creatures and turn them into plasticized zombies.

The plastic marine creatures then roam the seas looking for more plastic to collect and bring back to Bogo Mogo so he can grow even bigger into a super-organism that infiltrates every last one of our seas and takes over the planet.

Things are becoming dangerous as increasing numbers of marine animals fall prey to Bogo Mogo.

But the sea is wise and powerful. Assaulted by microplastics, billions of zoo- and phytoplankton send out distress signals through the waves. The ocean’s mythical protectors awaken from their deep slumber: Fynn the Sea Dragon, Mantyss the Manta Ray, Korall the Sea Turtle, and the mysterious Hornet the Dragon-Eel. Each has a special power to hold Bogo Mogo at bay. But they can only hold him back for so long… for he keeps growing despite all their effort. Time is running out, and they need help.

Only one thing in the world can defeat Bogo Mogo. Can you figure out what it is?