Fusion Tide


Projekt Tiamos is an initiative to combat plastic pollution, started by a group of students from a technical school in South Tyrol (northern Italy).  Inspired to look into the plastic trash at their school, they produced 8 large bags of it. They decided to create a jellyfish from the plastic, because jellyfish are bioindicators for ecological imbalance in the oceans. But they didn’t stop there. Concerned about the levels of plastic just in their school, they came up with their first solution: a way to reduce the single-use plastic cups in their coffee vending machine. They got the vending machine company to modify it with a sensor that registers whether someone is using their own cup (instead of the single-use plastic ones), and offers a discount.

We think that’s a great way to incentivize people to change the throw-away mindset that has driven the production of so much single-use plastic.

We will post more information here as our collaboration with Projekt Tiamos is defined; in the meantime check out the photos below of the students creating the huge jellyfish!

On June 9, 2018, Fynn the Sea Dragon traveled, in poster form, to the 1st international March for the Ocean in Washington, DC. We also sold greeting cards to help support the march.

There are no more dragons to slay, but there are still sea dragons to protect.

This salty blue world of ours is too beautiful, scary, and sacred to lose.

— David Helvarg

Author, journalist, and Executive Director of Blue Frontier Campaign

Watch this space for more announcements about upcoming efforts and activities to make waves—and make those waves clean and full of marine life again.

And send Bogo Mogo running for the hills.