Fusion Tide

Welcome to FUSION TIDE!

Part art exhibit, part story, and part interactive quest, Fusion Tide takes you on a journey of discovery deep into the ocean and the mythical creatures that protect it, but even deeper into our own habits and usage patterns that impact literally every living thing in our oceans—and ultimately, us.

Fusion Tide is Aria Luna’s first solo exhibit. Created over a span of several months in the first half of 2018, it’s a series of seven paintings that tell the story of the battle between the fearsome Bogo Mogo and four mythical ocean protectors. Six of the paintings are three-dimensional mixed media works, and three were created with household plastics… most of which you probably have in your home.

Fusion Tide is now being displayed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Explore the links above to

see the art…

read the story…

… and discover why plastic is such a harmful element in our oceans and what each one of us can do to lessen that impact.