Celseous is a mother dragon protecting her egg from the fearsome fire-breathing Soloar, who wants to destroy it—and her if need be. Celseous is hiding in the great Golden Mountains, but they cannot protect her completely.

The Phoenix arrives to come to her aid, fighting off Soloar with his vast wings and powerful windy breath.

On the ground, a group of hybrid animals called “the Littles” gather, some in anticipation, others prepared to do battle. DeathFreeze strides boldly forth, spewing dots of fire, but he is no match for Soloar. Deloox watches in stunned silence, not daring to leave her own young by her side. Copper, for his part, decides this is no place for any Little and he dashes out of the way.

Fire flies everywhere as Soloar and Celseous battle, and for a moment it looks as if the Soloar’s firepower will annihilate the entire land. But no fire, however great, can last forever.